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The three musicians teach in the "Three-year Concert Guitar Training Course" at the Arts Academy of Rome, where Stefano Palamidessi is the chairman of the Guitar, Lute and Vihuela Department.  Every year a lot of great musicians come to give masterclasses, concerts, seminars and conferences.  
In the last three years the Academy invited David Russell, Alberto Ponce, Hopkinson Smith, Betho Davezac, Angelo Gilardino, David Tanenbaum, Oscar Ghiglia, John Duarte, Coolin Cooper, Carlo Marchione, Nuccio D'Angelo and many others more.  
The next year program includes Carlos Bonell, David Starobin, Alirio Diaz, Alberto Ponce, Roland Dyens, Nigel North. 
Arts Academy
International Academy in Rome
Sede Arts Academy 
For furthermore information, please contact:
Arts Academy - "Guitar, Lute and Vihuela Department"