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Classical Guitar, Colin Cooper ... their admirable ensemble, with it's precise chording, perfectly judged dynamics and exquisite rallentandos, transforms a fairly ordinary piece of music into something quite beautiful. This is art. It is a pleasure to welcome a new ensemble of such impressive talent. They not only have a seemingly intuitive understanding of what is required, but have the technical means to put it into operation. Watch these people! 
Il Fronimo, Ruggero Chiesa ... great technical ability, intelligence and sensitivity. Concerned with the colors, the harmony, the elegance of the musical phrases, the Trio has proved to be mature and also outgoing. 
Classical Guitar Gendai Guitar (Japan) …wide interpretation both in the colours and in the construction of musical phrases. 

CD Classica, Maurizio Giani ... Overwhelming tempos, amused virtusism, remarkable dynamic balance: enough for a very pleasant listening. The Trio Concentus shows a self-confident technique and an evident attention to the variety of timbres. The record can be friendly recommended! 

Piano Time … The three overtures have thus become a source of musical and timbric ideas where virtuosism goes together with amusement in a style similar to that one of famous British ensembles, where there is no difference between classical and not, between original works and transcriptions and what really counts is just the pleasure of playing music! 
L’Eco di Bergamo, Renato Magni ... Expecially impressive has been the execution of "Pictures at an exhibition", enlightened by colours and expression of new efficacy. 
Guitart Classical Guitar  
... fully balanced "orchestra", their agility and clear performance reminded us of their country of origin, the country of "bel canto". 
Borba (Jugoslavia) ... This recital will be remembered as an  
outstanding example of a brilliant and spiritually refined music performance where the three talented musicians have merged and  played as they were just one.   
La Tribuna, Daniela Rado ...neat sound, great timbric research and care for the detail, accuracy and harmony, elegant and refined interpretation. 
Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana ... A variety of moods and an exploration of different musical languages which confirm the talent of the three musicians and their stylistic rigour, their sense of humor and amusement ideal for these pleasant transcriptions of Rossini's overtures. 

The Classical Guitar, its evolution, players and personalities since 1800, M.J.Summerfield ...Acknowledged as one of the best Trios in Europe...